And I welcome you to my internet home! 

If you love learning about branding and entrepreneurship, then you’ll feel right at home here. And me being a mommy, I can’t help but throw in some motherhood content as well. Why? Because those are the two things I am most passionate about — Mom Life & Entrepreneurship. And I want to share my passion with you. [Be sure to sign up here to receive tips and inspiration from me straight in your inbox]

My main goal here is to help female entrepreneurs and content creators like myself navigate through their entrepreneurship journeys and gain clarity in their brands; and just life as an entrepreneur in general. (cause we all know it’s not an easy journey).

But I truly believe that there is a success story in each of us and it is my personal mission to encourage you to “Be your Own Success Story”. (see what I did there? -- BOSS. That’s you!)

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A little background on me — I’m a single mom to a beautiful baby boy named Kai, and a full time creative entrepreneur. I like to call myself a “mompreneur.” I love to plan and organize! Maybe even slightly obsessed. And one major thing I learned over the years is that closely following the planning and organizing (fun part) is taking action and doing the actual work (not so fun part). But good thing you’re here, because now we can get through it together.

I spent my college years in Sacramento, CA and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing, International Business, and Entrepreneurship. I soon after obtained my Masters in Business Administration and immediately found myself in the corporate world … you know, the dream of having a stable job with great pay and being good at what I did … but not really having a passion for it. My heart was always in, and still is in, being an entrepreneur.

I have spent the last 8 years creating online businesses and experimenting with different marketing strategies. In 2017, I quit my corporate job to become a full time entrepreneur, and became a full time mom soon after that. I feel that I have now finally found my calling. To help other entrepreneurs and “mompreneurs” like myself pursue their passion, increase their profits, and maintain their peace all while doing so.

I’m so happy you landed here in my internet home and hope you do decide to stick around. If you’re ready to get started in gaining some clarity in your business or brand, be sure to grab my free resource below. The Brand Clarity Roadmap – the “quick win” guide you need to get you on your way to a well organized brand.