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fun things to do on valentine's day for single mom

5 Fun Things To Do On Valentine’s Day As A Single Mom

This is for all of my single moms and single dads out there that need a little inspiration on what to do for Valentine’s Day. I also included these 5 ideas in my recent YouTube weekend vlog (starting at 9:18 of the video). Both the video and vlog are below. 1. Go On An Adventure This is your chance to spend some great quality time with your little one. Search to see what activities are available in your area. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of things you can do at a low cost or even for free. You can take a quick trip to a nearby aquarium, museum, or zoo. I myself plan to do one of these things with my Valentine Kai (my 15 month old son). A trip to the movie theaters can also turn into a fun adventure for you and your children. Think outside of the box and create an adventure that will bring joy to both you and your child or children and in turn create lasting memories. 2. Be Your Own Valentine There is absolutely nothing wrong with being your own valentine. I’m sure you’ve heard the common saying “you must learn to love yourself before you can learn to love others”? Well, this applies here as well =) Love yourself, treat yourself, you deserve it! All that hard work you do as a single parent deserves some reward. Self-care is so important for all parents, single or not. As parents we tend to put the needs of our children first and forget to take care of our own needs. Make this Valentine’s Day the time you finally give yourself some love. Treat yourself to lunch, a massage, a even something as simple as a nice bath. (We all know how infrequent that can be for single moms! Lol) This 3. Hang Out With Other Single Parents Don’t feel like being alone on Valentine’s Day or not feeling like spending it with just you and your kids? Well, I’ve got an easy solution for that! Spend it with other single parents. And you can also incorporate your children into this. You can even spend time with friends that don’t have a Valentine’s date. Remember that adventure we talked about a few paragraphs ago? You can include others in it as well. Or just spend time at home or doing something laid back. 4. Valentine’s Day Crafts Now I don’t know about you, but I love anything DIY or having to do with crafts. If you’re like me, then Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to put your crafting skills to use. Make it even more fun by including your little ones in the mix. Create some fun art projects that you can later show off in your home and to your friends.  5. Show Love To Your Support Group Last, but definitely not least, show some love to your support group! Yes it’s important to receive love on Valentine’s Day but I believe it is even more important to give love. A simple card or nice photo to the people that always have your back as a single parent can go a long way. I personally did this last year and sent out cards along with an adorable photo of Kai saying “Will You Be My Valentine?” I received amazing feedback from everyone and I genuinely just felt good doing this. I suggest you try it! In conclusion, I hope you found this article helpful and that you plan to give and receive love this Valentine’s Day. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this or for watching the video I created. I will catch you next time.  XOXO, Abie 


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